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About Hallyard

Hallyard the maple line

The HALLYARD maple line

Design and functionality put together for survival in the wild...

Stealthy, comfortable & functional. That is what the Hallyard hunters collection stands for. Both in design and fabrics you'll find the Hallyard garment meeting the highest standards. On one hand there are high quality fabrics like sturdy cotton twill and canvasses, often enriched with Lycra® fibers for extra comfort. There are traditional moleskins and corduroys. A select line of the finest Austrian loden fabrics has been successfully re-introduced, beautifully worked as trousers and jackets. Then on the other hand you'll find all the modern features such as membranes and climat control, Teflon® fabric protector, Cordura® and Kevlar® for protective pads and patches.Modern fabrics will often be sophisticated synthetics always wind- and waterproof and noiseless when moving. Linings used may be warm moleskin-like cottons as well as padded fabrics and fleece. High-tech membranes will keep you dry & clean in any kind of weather. There are waterproof and breathable light-weight suits that you'll wear in the moderate climates of the South, they will keep you dry and comfortable. Other suits have all that wit and technology have to offer in order to protect you against the bitter cold of the Grand North.